handshake - our company

handshake was founded in 1993 and quickly established itself as a leading specialist in IT products for the pharmaceutical industry. The company continues to grow to this day. The services provided by this ISO 9001 certified company include comprehensive IT support; peak coverage for system migrations; the creation, documentation, qualification, validation and maintenance of IT solutions; and complex full-service project management.

handshake also develops and sells its own software products Smart Audit Trail, Smart Log Book und Smart Document System, which handle documentation, qualification and validation of IT systems for production control and production documentation.

The company has gained something of a reputation for its expertise in designing and creating workplaces for disabled people.

Anton Neuber - Founder and CEO

This two-time master craftsman in electromechanics & electromechanical engineering and office machine mechanics, who has also studied communication science, is not only focused on getting results, but also on maintaining those results in the long term. For IT projects, this means all the relevant organisations need to be involved early on in the process to ensure the solutions can be put into operation and maintained successfully.

As a manager, Anton is particularly ambitious when it comes to striving for peak economic efficiency. He prioritises global research on all available products and relevant approaches, enabling him to deliver solutions that are tailored precisely to each customer’s economic and qualitative needs.

As a board member, Anton Neuber supported organisations geared towards disabled people for many years. He is currently actively involved in a sports club. In his personal life, he enjoys sailing amid nature, water and wind and likes to spend his free time with his family and friends.