What our handshake project management service can do for you:

Improve your IT structure

Our handshake planning system keeps production stoppage to a minimum during an IT migration, or prevents it completely, ensuring significant savings.
Even in the decision-making stages, handshake offers advice and planning assistance for necessary IT updates and helps minimise the risk of problems caused by outdated IT.
handshake handles projects alongside normal IT operations without any negative impact (keyword: redundancy).
Come to handshake with all your IT problems. We offer Level 3 support to strengthen your existing resources and increase your project capacity.

handshake-verbessert-Audits-Dokumentationen-Qualitäten-dokumentensichere-Aktualisierungen-Anforderungen von-FDA-AGES

Ensure compliance

We help our customers strictly adhere to all the necessary requirements.
We scrutinise and streamline auditing, documentation and quality assurance.
We ensure quality, validation and data integrity by providing continuous updates while maintaining document security.
We retrofit Audit Trail onto Windows-based systems that do not fully comply with FDA and AGES requirements.
If findings from an audit require immediate action, we will be right there to provide advice and support.
Our electronic document system ensures processes are followed and reduces errors.
We analyse and manage complex tasks, including ones that span various departments, which require technical knowledge, communication skills, knowledge of human nature and leadership qualities.

Protecting your investments

Low-tec and high-revenue: Even something as small as retrofitting your control PCs can delay the need to invest in a new production plant, saving you millions.
Faster return-on-investment with our electronic logbook solutions – review online and save time.
Fewer rejections and faster approval processes result in huge cost savings.
Avoid expensive operational interruptions with improved maintenance and planning, which can demonstrably reduce sources of error.
Business case: Depending on the project, you could save thousands, or even millions, of euros.
Peak coverage for system migrations.